When you purchase a resource from Acorn you're helping bring healing and wholeness to others. Not only do our resources equip you with ministry skills for the journey of Christian healing, but by buying a resource you are contributing to the ministry of Acorn so that we can empower others with these skills too.

30 Days of Scripture and Prayer for healing

30 days. 30 Scriptures. 30 prayers.


Join us each morning throughout April for 30 days of Scripture and Prayer for Healing. There is great power and impact in our lives when we focus on the Word of God, as we continue to look to our Heavenly Father for his grace and healing for ourselves and for others known to us. It is only a minute or two, literally, but it is something we can carry with us throughout the day, as we let truth from God transform our hearts and touch our bodies.

Easily download a daily Scripture, containing a prayer, which we invite you to join in with us for over the next 30 days.

Guildford Healing Conference 2020

All talks from 'Healing in the Steps of Jesus' - Guildford Healing Conference, can be found at our Youtube channel. 

Guildford Healing Conference was a one day conference held on 1st February 2020 in partnership with the Diocese of Guildford and Guildford Cathedral, exploring ministry skills for the journey of Christian healing.