Our Events

 We have a range of different events that we can bring to you in listening, healing, and reconciliation. For more information on each of these events take a look below.


Acorn Listening Pathway


We live in a busy world. Social media screams headlines and conversations extend to the length of a tweet or the time it takes to drink a cappuccino. We tire quickly, and long for space to breathe, talk, be heard. Acorn’s Listening Pathway responds to this longing because listening is a vital part of the healing process. For more information and to book click here.


Module 1: Effective Listening Practice

This module introduces the ministry of listening as a foundational element of the wholeness ministry.


  • To understand the value and impact of active reflective listening skills
  • To practise active reflective listening skills
  • To discover more about the value of feelings and grow in our capacity to listen to feelings
  • To identify verbal and non-verbal feelings
  • To further develop active reflective listening skills
  • To consider some principles and boundaries in active listening


Module 2: Applied Listening Practice

In this module you will be invited to explore more deeply the places in which you might use your listening skills. Building on module 1, which applicants should have successfully completed, the full Acorn paradigm of listening is introduced and developed.


  • To discover more about listening in context
  • To reflect upon listening as part of ministry
  • To understand further non-verbal communication
  • To continue practising listening skills
  • To consider further the Acorn conceptual framework
  • To introduce the full Acorn listening model
  • To develop and practise your new listening skills


Module 3: Professional Volunteer Listening Practice (2 day residential)


This next step on the listening pathway will help equip you to listen safely in a formal one-to-one setting. You will also consider what good and safe practice looks like, shaped through a biblical understanding, and the full Acorn paradigm will be revisited. (Applicants for this module must have successfully completed modules 1 & 2).


  • To discover and understand limits of competence in listening and how and when to signpost
  • To discover what it means to listen to ‘our whole selves’
  • To understand the need for listeners to receive support and supervision
  • To reflect on our own emotional health and increase our awareness of feelings
  • To discuss when it is not appropriate to offer listening – exploring boundaries 
  • To consider the importance of developing a good listening relationship in a formal setting
  • To continue practising the full mirroring listening method



Acorn teaches prayer ministry in the context of healing and wholeness, ministering to the whole person, body, mind and spirit. We have various events at which you can explore and learn about this opportunity to serve others.


School of Healing

Our School of Healing events run monthly on a Saturday morning in Guildford and Leicester. At each three-hour event, through worship, learning, discussion and debate, you will explore the Christian healing ministry and consider a diverse range of subjects. The morning will conclude with a short healing service. 


School of Healing (part 1)
St Martin’s House, Leicester, LE1 5PZ

Each month there will be an opportunity for you to learn and experience how to become involved in the healing ministry and how to stay involved. You will focus on developing your sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit and your awareness of how God is at work. 

The topics covered will be:

The Practice of Prayer Ministry
The Ministry and Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Theodicy – the Problem of Evil
Healing in Church History
Chronic and Long-term Illness
Is Healing in the Atonement?
Healing: Passion Week
Leading Services of Healing Prayer
Nurturing the Healing Anointing
Mental Health 

School of Healing (part 2)
The Lady Chapel, Guildford Cathedral, GU2 7UP

10.00 to 1.00 on the first Saturday of each month (with a few exceptions!)

Part 2 of our School of Healing is taking a deeper look at some of the issues related to the healing ministry and the connection between methodology and ministry. We will consider the lives and ministries of some who have gone before us, what they attempted and discovered. Acorn praxis rests on a clear biblical foundation so we will also compare people’s methodologies against the ministry of Jesus and biblical teaching.


Prayer Ministry Training

  This event will provide you with a clear conceptual framework for the development and practice of a competent and compassionate prayer ministry in a church or community setting. It examines the biblical foundations and establishes a clear understanding of personal and ministry boundaries by assessing realistic ministry scenarios.

You will: 

  • Explore the theology of prayer ministry: the nature of God / prayer / faith / the Kingdom of God. 
  • Relate the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to practical ministry settings 
  • Learn the importance of building a prayer ministry that is respectful, inclusive, holistic and team based. 
  • Consider guidelines covering safety, relationships, confidentiality, respect and responsibility. 
  • Discuss ministry scenarios and identify relevant areas for prayer intervention. 
  • Minister in prayer using the Acorn prayer pattern: interview, prayer, assessment and follow up.


Growing a Healing Ministry


‘Growing a Healing Ministry’ is a great resource for following on from a Prayer Ministry Training event. It has been produced by Acorn to help Christians learn about the healing ministry and to apply what they learn in and through their local church. It is designed as an interactive course for large or small church groups, and assumes no prior knowledge of, or experience in, Christian healing. It can however also be used as a refresher training course, and leaders or groups may wish to adopt the material to suit their circumstances. Each session builds on the one before, so it is desirable that group members be committed to the whole course.


Grief and Loss: a Journey of Hope


During this day we will explore what happens when we experience significant losses in life - not just the bereavement that comes from the death of a loved one or a friend, but all the losses that have an impact on us and leave an impression in our lives.

We will look not just at the process of grieving but our process - individual and personal - and what the Bible has to say to help us on our own journey and in walking alongside others in their journey of grief and loss.



Reconciliation is not just about finding solutions to conflict, but learning how relationships, impacted by conflict, can be healed. Understanding how conflict starts and ends is essential for healthy, life-giving relationships. 

Acorn offers a one-day event and can, on request, run a reconciliation process in situations where churches or organisations are endeavoring to face and transform conflict in a healthy manner.


Reconciliation: Mending Broken Relationships


Many Christians regard conflict as intrinsically unspiritual and to be avoided at all costs – with the result we either hide from it or handle it badly. This event will explore the process by which individuals and church communities can understand what is happening in times of conflict, directing them to the appropriate, biblical mechanisms of handling ‘difference’ before it becomes destructive. You will be provided with a biblical and theoretical framework for engaging with conflict and suggested approaches to transform the relationships involved.


If you would like us to bring any of our events to your church our community or would like further information, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.